The Beauty, Versatility and Durability of Ceramic Tile

Few materials offer comparable beauty, versatility and durability as does ceramic tile.  Although generally accepted in the construction industry, the term 'ceramic tile' is actually a misnomer, because 'ceramic tile' covers a very wide range of materials used to make 'tile'.  Tile can be made of natural materials such as sandstone, slate, granite or marble.  Man made tile can be manufactured using clay, porcelain and glass.  Tile can be the basis of counter backsplashes, countertops, tub surrounds, walk-in showers and floors.

Visual effects achieved through the installation of tile can range from 'earthy natural' to 'elegant modern', and anything in between! This is why Taylor Made flooring by Will Scott includes 'tile' as one of our specialties.  Installing tile requires skill and extensive attention to detail, but offers the homeowner an amazing range of decorating options with long term durability and versatility.  Properly installed, tile can last decades with minimal maintenance.  Because most areas tile is installed involves contact with water, care must be taken to create a substructure which will accommodate the needs of your specific application. New epoxy grouts will resist cracking and will 'move' with the natural shrinking and expanding of your home.

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